This apartment is a hidden jewel, nestled in the charm of the Marais. To access it, you make your way through two stone courtyards and up a wooden stair lifted straight out of a fairy tale. Inside, the place is all exposed beams, mortar, and dramatic lighting, like the setting of an 18th century painting of peasant life….but what sumptuous amenities! Crisp white sheets, thirsty and abundant towels, handy city guides, whimsical fixtures and first rate kitchen supplies. And the unit boasts not one but two marble-tiled showers with exquisite water pressure. The owner and his representative were courteous and so very helpful; in no way intrusive but available to address any concerns. This is the Marais, so you don’t get thrilling views; just the windows and rooftops of crowded buildings nearby. But it hardly matters. The apartment itself is rich with the very essence of Paris: old-world authenticity, idiosyncratic but richly appealing design, and steeped in luxury. For four glorious days, we pretended to be true Parisians!

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